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Google calendar settings are based off of HZS local time (Central Daylight Time in the United States). Feel free to contact us with any questions about listed events, locations, entry fees, or other requirements. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible!
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, participants at in-person events are expected to follow the local, state, and/or venue laws and regulations regarding social distancing, mask wearing, cleanliness, and limited participation numbers. The Team reserves the right to refuse to interact with individuals who are not following said regulations or laws, or whom The Team feels may be a risk to health or safety.
Some events may require preregistration, entry or ticket fees, or other payment or registration information prior to attending. While we will always do our best to provide as much information about these requirements as possible, it is the responsibility of the attendants to ensure they have made adequate plans including purchasing tickets, making hotel reservations, or any other necessary steps to secure access to venues or events. Letting us know you are attending or interested in attending an event or convention does not constitute any form of preregistration and we are not responsible for any entry fees, or travel or overnight accommodations. In addition, attendance of a convention or event being held by an outside entity (someone other than Happy Zombie Studio) does not guarantee interaction with any of The Team nor the opportunity to playtest or participate in any sessions of any HZS game.
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