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The Nylon series

Current number of planned expansions: 9 (subject to change)

The Nylon series (a starter set with planned expansions) is the studio's oldest and most expansive game in the works.

The idea began in 2018 and like most games, looked much different than the version being playtested today. The characters and locations for the starter concept are based off of a Dungeons & Dragons based RPG that had been run by Colin from about 2011 to 2016. Jokingly referred to as Gestalt Chaos Air Pirates, the game revolved around a pirate airship called The Rensselaer and its crew, a rag-tag gang of an admittedly second-rate pirate captain, a tiny portion of the ship's original crew, and the characters that ended up joining them during their escapades to eventually try to balance out not-so-petty theft and helping out the locals of their home base, the sky island of Port Reid. The Empire, a classic corrupt government, aimed to eliminate the pirates entirely while continuing to tax and extort the citizens of the islands they ruled over. The end goal ended up unfortunately unreached as the game drifted to a close due to situations outside of the group's control (real life commitments), but the idea remained within Colin's head, and the "episode" synopsis page that had been created for the sake of notetaking became a lifeline for him when it came to creating abilities and situations that were unique to the game setting for use in Nylon.

Season one is not necessarily related anymore to the original storyline that was played during these sessions, unlike the original versions of the first card set. Instead, it follows different heroes and characters, all of whom are original creations, and their unique challenges and locations.

The best part of the idea is that it is easily translated into different characters and locations. Expansions including small, magical ponies that enjoy friendship, a PVP/villains pack, zombies/demons, robots, and a special expansion based completely upon a D&D world run for decades by Colin and his brother Aaron's father Carter made in his honor, are already in the works. 

As of April 2021, Nylon is proudly


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Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, and any and all references to such, including character classes mentioned that may otherwise be copyright or trademarked, are owned entirely by Wizards of the Coast and/or its subsidiaries and/or parent company, Hasbro. Any relation or resemblance to any person, entity, or location, living or dead, is purely coincidental and is not meant to be an infringement on any rights held. Happy Zombie Studio, the Nylon game, their associated logos, and any artwork associated with any entity owned by Happy Zombie Studio is copyright Happy Zombie Studio and is the property of Colin Stratton, Kenneth Zieres, and the original artist, K0r1. 

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