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Receipt Fighter

Receipt Fighter is a single card game. That's right, all the rules fit on 1 poker sized card!

This game was something Colin was doing back in his hay days of working a cash register at a local grocery store.  He would collect peoples receipts they did not want, weird right? Then decided to make a game out of it!!!

15 years later, Gamecrafter is running a contest for a game that HAS to fit on 1 poker sized card. Welp, here it is!

The basics are simple. 

Grab a receipt per player (physical or online)

6 pennies per player (or any kind of thing that can be divisible by 2)

and then do some math using the Time, Cost, and number of items purchased and you have your 3 stats!

That's the setup!

After that it's pretty simple. Choose a stat, roll dem bones! and compare stats!
Might (Items) < Brain (Cost + Tax) < Speed (Time)

There's a bit more after that, but, it's pretty simple. A few rounds and it's over. less than 10 min to setup and play!

so, get subscribed and stay up to date on the contest!

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