The name is Nylon!

Project: Nylon is officially just "Nylon". Subsequent additional releases to the game will be referred to as "seasons" (as in a television show's seasons), a callback to the reference of individual gaming sessions during the roleplaying game's history as "episodes" and each change of venue/location during gaming as "seasons".

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Playtesting occurs on Wednesdays and will be accessible through self-printed copies (by request), Tabletop Simulator ($19.99 on Steam), and Tabletopia (free). Playtesters are expected to share feedback regarding gameplay, appearance, interaction, and share any ideas or thoughts they have regarding any aspect of the game. Neglecting to do so may disqualify you from future playtesting opportunities. We encourage you to play with friends and family and get their opinions and thoughts as well! Staying on the Discord server is encouraged but not required to playtest and participants are welcome to communicate their experiences and thoughts through contact forms on the website, our feedback form, our Facebook page, and through email.

About Happy Zombie Studio

Happy Zombie Studio is a small tabletop, card, and board game development business run by two geeky guys from Quincy, IL, USA. Together, Colin Stratton and Ken Zieres are working to share the fruits of their imaginations and hard work with the world through their first major game, the Nylon series, and whatever else sparks their fancy.

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