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The Nylon series

Current number of planned expansions: 9 (subject to change)
Equestria Knights

Body text for Equestria Knights

As of April 2021, Nylon is proudly


Never heard of Protospiel Online? Check it out!

Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, and any and all references to such, including character classes mentioned that may otherwise be copyright or trademarked, are owned entirely by Wizards of the Coast and/or its subsidiaries and/or parent company, Hasbro. Any relation or resemblance to any person, entity, or location, living or dead, is purely coincidental and is not meant to be an infringement on any rights held. Happy Zombie Studio, the Nylon game, their associated logos, and any artwork associated with any entity owned by Happy Zombie Studio is copyright Happy Zombie Studio and is the property of Colin Stratton, Kenneth Zieres, and the original artist, K0r1. 

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